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Why I'm thankful 🍁

Thankful 🍁 I know I'm a day late.. But this is what I'm thankful for this year. ❤️ What is this? These are the donor cards of the ligaments that are in my knee after having a very rare knee reconstruction surgery (ACL, MPFL and meniscus) 😭 I'm able to write to them and tell them a little about myself/how their families' donation helped me. *cue tears* 😢 I am so thankful/grateful for these. I know I've been having a very hard time, but knowing that I'll some day be able to

Self Care Tips!

What are some ways to keep you running at your best? Feel free to share yours too! -- Extra rest days as needed (but not too many!) -- Epsom Salt Baths! 🛀 -- Foam Roll/Trigger Point Therapy/Massage -- Nutrition (try to stick to a healthy diet) -- Try some new cross training 🏋️ -- Have a glass of red every once in a while 🍷 -- Make sure your shoes are not too old -- Read a self help book -- Do something for you! 😊 #hellonheelsrunning #runbreakable #humabeing #imbuilt #crow

Get out of a slump

**Wellness Wednesday** I know sometimes we get into a slump or funk and it's hard to overcome these feelings. So, these are some great tips to try to get you back into your normal running routine! 1. Change your scenery - don't run the same route or go to the same trail everyday. It gets boring. So change it up! 2. Set a goal - *cough cough* that's why we are all here, we have a goal between 5k to 1/2 marathon! Let's get to it, athletes! 3. Remember why you run - this is supe

Latest size inclusivity fail..

So, I'm going to rant about size inclusivity for a moment. 😑 I'm a plus sized runner.. Meaning I wear a xl-2xl depending on the brand.. Certain brands I can't wear their clothes at all because they stop at a L and usually it's a small large at that.. So, I ordered a pair of CALIA by Carrie leggings from DICK'S Sporting Goods the other day because they were cute and I thought cheap ($33.97) Well, I saw a pop - up on my Facebook today for the same pants, but cheaper ($22.97)

Why are everyday shoes important?

**WELLNESS WEDNESDAY** Let's talk everyday shoes! What should or shouldn't I wear when I'm not running? 1. Try to avoid flats -- they lack shock absorption which can lead to heel pain or different joint pain within the foot. 2. Skip the flip flops -- wearing flip flops all the time can tighten the Achilles tendon which can actually cause Planters Fasciitis. If your heart is set on them, find a pair that has a structured footbed. 3. Give the high heels a break -- heels are not

Hats & Buffs 🧢

Why are they beneficial? Hats -- They are great in the summer because they keep the heat off your head and the sun out of your eyes. When it rains, it keeps the water from pouring down your face. In the winter, when everything is white out and the sun is bright, it acts as a shield to protect your eyes. Hats also keep the sweat out of your eyes and keep your hair tamed. Not to mention you can throw a hat on post run and not look like a hot mess express. Buffs -- These little

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