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10 ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

  1. Set a sensible goal! - *raises hand* Training plan!!

  2. Monitor the progress! - fitness watch, online journal, regular journal, anything works!

  3. Get rid of the guilt! - It's okay to have a hiccup here or there, it's life, sh*t happens! Just don't let it downward spiral.

  4. Focus on yourself! - Who cares what Joe Schmo is doing; there's always going to be someone that you want to compare yourself to, but we don't have time for that sh*t!

  5. Get a support group! - *cough cough* I offer one of those.

  6. Find something fun! - Whether it's the exercise routine or your clothes, make that sh*t fun!

  7. Be flexible with time! - Make time for you, boo! End of story.

  8. Put the past behind you! - You may have been faster in the past or you could have sucked a** but life happens. Have fun now!

  9. REST! - Yes, i said rest.. but don't become a couch potato ;)

  10. Buy yourself something nice! - Money/gifts are the ultimate motivator!

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