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Get out of a slump

**Wellness Wednesday**

I know sometimes we get into a slump or funk and it's hard to overcome these feelings. So, these are some great tips to try to get you back into your normal running routine!

1. Change your scenery - don't run the same route or go to the same trail everyday. It gets boring. So change it up!

2. Set a goal - *cough cough* that's why we are all here, we have a goal between 5k to 1/2 marathon! Let's get to it, athletes!

3. Remember why you run - this is super important, always remember your why. Whether it's for health, the ability to be able to run, or to prove to yourself you can do hard things, don't forget your why.

4. Run for Fun - don't worry what your watch or strava says. Just go out and pound the pavement because your heart wants to.

5. Rely on your coach and friends - this is why we have this group. When days are rough, talk to us. When you need an extra kick in the ass to get out the door, we are here for that. Or if you had a killer run, tell us about it!

6. Find the joy in cross training - not only does it give you a break from running during the week, it helps build important muscles that you need to keep running, safely!

7. Treat yourself to new gear - when training for something difficult, it can be intense and may feel like a chore at times. So, buying yourself new gear throughout your training cycle makes you remember why you love the sport.

I hope these help, especially if you're feeling the slump now.

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