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Hats & Buffs 🧢

Why are they beneficial?

Hats -- They are great in the summer because they keep the heat off your head and the sun out of your eyes. When it rains, it keeps the water from pouring down your face. In the winter, when everything is white out and the sun is bright, it acts as a shield to protect your eyes. Hats also keep the sweat out of your eyes and keep your hair tamed. Not to mention you can throw a hat on post run and not look like a hot mess express.

Buffs -- These little babies can be used for SO many different things. In the summer they can be used as a neck gaiter to keep your neck from getting burnt by the sun or in the winter to keep your neck warm or pull it up over your face. They can be used as a headband to keep the sweat away or to keep your ears warm in the winter. You can wrap them around your wrist to wipe the sweat away from your forehead. You can wet them pre or post run to help regulate body temperature. You can double them up in the winter or buy thicker ones or even wool ones! They usually come with a diagram of all the different ways they can be worn!

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