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Running on Crunchy Leaves (Fall Running)

  1. Learn to layer up again - Temperatures are changing again with cooler mornings and cooler evenings you will need to practice how to layer. Some light layers, like long sleeve shirts and thin leggings can do the trick for fall. Especially with winter around the corner you will want to have your body ready for the change (depending on where you live, it can be brutal).

  2. Check and Change out your shoes - You probably have been running in the same pair of shoes all summer, which means they most likely have over 300 miles on them depending on your mileage. It doesn't hurt to get fitted for a new pair of shiny, shoes!

  3. See and be seen! - Waking up in the dark? Yes, the days are getting shorter and that means your morning and evening runs will likely start or end in the dark. This means you need to have brighter clothes with reflective stripes on them, a handheld/headlamp, and some sort of vest (whether it's just a reflective vest or a noxvest). You can never be seen too much! Remember, you're not the only person waking up; if you're an early runner.

  4. Hydrate and Sunscreen - Even though the temperatures are getting cooler and you feel like you aren't thirsty, your body still needs water. We don't sweat as much as we do in the summer, but we still need to remain hydrated. Likewise with the sunscreen, if you are running when the sun is up, the sunrays may not seem as bright, but they can still burn you.

  5. Change up your routine - Fall is a great time to try something new, like trail running! If you live in an area that has trails, check them out. It's a wonderful way to check out the beautiful fall foliage!

  6. Check your technique - With very minimal races on the docket; fall is also a great time to dial into your technique. Really make sure that you're form is on point. It's also a good time to look ahead to next year and figure out what your goal races are going to be.

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