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Why are everyday shoes important?


Let's talk everyday shoes!

What should or shouldn't I wear when I'm not running?

1. Try to avoid flats -- they lack shock absorption which can lead to heel pain or different joint pain within the foot.

2. Skip the flip flops -- wearing flip flops all the time can tighten the Achilles tendon which can actually cause Planters Fasciitis. If your heart is set on them, find a pair that has a structured footbed.

3. Give the high heels a break -- heels are not the best for your back or joints, so avoid wearing them multiple days in a row. (yes my brand name is hellonheels, but I know this 😂)

4. Cushion and support are key -- a shoe that has cushion in the heel to absorb shock and are well built in the arch are always a safe bet.

5. Avoid walking barefoot on hard surfaces -- there is nothing to absorb the shock between your foot and the surface.

6. Ditch the worn out shoes asap -- wearing worn out shoes changes your gait and the way you stand, this is very damaging to your body.

7. Only run in your running shoes -- have a designated pair of shoes for errands and a designated pair of shoes for running. Your body will thank you.

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