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Sara G.

I'm proud that I set a goal, trained for something for 9 months, and didn't get too caught up in my failures and setbacks, and I finished what I started.

This is HUGE for me



Ashley is a great coach with really good plans that helped me build strength, endurance and not destroy my knee. My work life was extremely chaotic this winter, she was super helpful with working around my schedule needs too.


Sarah G. 

I started with Hell on Heels LLC as an experience treadmill runner with a bad ankle sprain. Coach Ashley got me trained up to distance and on the road running a half marathons! I am so thankful for the accountability, discipline, and open group discussions to keep me motivated and on track even being states apart physically. Just signed up for my first full marathon this spring 2022 and you bet I'm sticking with Hell on Heels LLC! Put me in, Coach Ashley!


Eileen F. 

I was a later in life runner.  I hated running when I was younger.  I never saw the point (other than whencompeting in sports). Seven years ago, with absolutely zero clue as to what Iwas doing, I thought “hey, lets start running”. Isn’t that what every 46 yearold, out of shape person with one leg shorter than the other and arthritis inboth knees does? Answer: No, it is not.

I ran a couple of races and joined a local runningclub.  I discovered that I also kind ofenjoyed running – not the actual running part, but being able to escape with mythoughts and relieve some stress. And one of the things I enjoyed the mostabout running was the supporting, encouraging community that came with it.

Then came the stupid pandemic and in-person races werecancelled, we were stuck at home and I fell out of the habit of running. Atsome point, I realized I missed it and needed to get back in the swing ofthings, but I also realized that I’m the type of person that is motivated bycompleting tasks, which is when I looked to engaging a running coach. EnterCoach Ashley and Hell on Heels Running.

I knew of Ashley from crossing paths in the local runningcommunity.  She was always encouragingand supporting each and every runner she came across in a race or group run,even the not so speedy folks like me in the back of the pack.  When I decided to restart my running journey,learning that Coach Ashley was now a certified coach, I signed up for the8-week 5K program.  My goal was to justget back in the habit of running.

It was a great decision. Coach Ashley and the Hell on Heels program kept me going throughout theentire 8 weeks.  Coach Ashley customizeda program that fit my work/life schedule. The encouragement through direct messages and through the onlineFacebook community kept me going and engaged, even when I just wanted to curlup on the couch and not get in that day’s task. The Final Surge app made everything easy!

On July 4th I ran my 5K and completed it withoutany problems and at a pace that I wouldn’t have thought possible back when Ire-started my running trek. The Hell on Heel running program and Coach Ashleyhelped me meet my goals. If you are looking for a program where the onlypressure comes from yourself, this is it. I am so happy with Coach Ashley andthe program that I signed up for an additional 8-week maintenance program.Thanks for getting me back into a groove!



Quinn H. 

Using Hell on Heels was an absolute godsend for my Wine and Dine half marathon. Ashley created a plan that worked with my schedule and overall busy life. She kept me accountable This was exactly what I needed. She was also there to encourage me to get out there when I needed it most. Running can be such a mental challenge and also can be a lonely sport. Having Ashley and the Hell on Heels team support really helped me to keep motivated especially on the days I wasn’t feeling it! Ashley also helped me when my runs were off etc. She was so positive and always helped to not “beat myself up” when a run didn’t go as planned. The community Ashley has created is amazing! I also can’t say enough about Ashley’s coaching. She was available 24/7 and has been my biggest supporter!!!!

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